What do we do?

Quality Improvement & Safety

MRQC functions as a departmental working group to develop and conduct quality improvement projects based on clinical and operational needs. Many of these projects are led by residents as a part of our Advanced Quality Training Program. Projects are also led and coached by faculty mentors with dedicated training in patient safety and quality improvement methods. MRQC also serves in a departmental administrative role related to the review of clinical and operational policy approval.


A cornerstone of MRQC, is an emphasis on conducting projects with methodologically rigorous techniques and working towards scholarly publication. This is built from the mission of the MRQC to study and further evidence based policy in radiology, at both the local and national levels. Some of our areas of research and references to our published work can be found here.


A strength of MRQC has been a focus on collaborations with other departments in Michigan Medicine and extramural institutions to foster a spirit of multidisciplinary quality imporvement and research. In order to help optimize the role of radiology within the healthcare system, we have worked closely with our referring colleagues to optimize patient care and safety at a systems-level.


MRQC serves as a departmental leader in developing and conducting ongoing peer learning seminars. In addition, a dedicated Advanced Quality Training Program is an optional pathway for residents interested in developing the skills to be future quality leaders and innovators.